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Our vision of contributing to the world of gaming has driven our growth from hobbyists to freelancers and finally, Rawky Studios. We started as students eager to solve problems in game development. Freelancing since 2015 and incorporated in 2018, we have built several commercial games for our clients.


Our obsession with adhering to commitments keeps our clients at peace and drives project success. With us having already solved difficult problems like slot machine designing to realtime multiplayer matchmaking and gameplay, you can have the confidence of getting robust solutions for your complex problems delivered by us.

We build our games with a set of tools that were carefully handpicked over the years. Have a preference of development tools? We also cater to your specific needs of development with a broad range of tools.


To ensure that your game reaches a wide audience, we publish for both mobile and desktop platforms.




We constantly look for opportunities to maximize the efficiency of our processes. We believe in the promises of modern AI applied to developer augmentation for rapid content creation. 

To test our belief we are constantly experimenting with publicly available research published in reputed peer reviewed conferences and journals.

Having people with expertise in theoretical computer science and mathematics we research and experiment on open problems in deep-learning for computer vision and graphics to advance the state-of-the-art.

Our goal is to create and adopt a proprietary content creation engine into our pipeline. This new tech will enable us to minimize development cost and time, thus increasing efficiency.

Shading effect on hand drawn 2D characters using AI

This work demonstrates a fully automatic pipeline for generating shading effects on hand-drawn characters. At the heart of this method lies a deep residual, encoder-decoder convolutional network. Resulting renders offer a rich quality without any effort from the 2D artist.

Our Team

Supratik Banerjee

Managing Director

Co-founder of Rawky Studios, he is the man behind the wheel. His curiosity and passion for game development fuels his creativity and makes our ideas happen. He holds an MSc in Computer Science (Graphics and Vision Technologies) from Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. Having acquired an acumen for academic research, he directs the scientific research at Rawky Studios.

Utkarsh Parasrampuria

Executive Director

Co-founder of Rawky Studios, he drives our projects to completion. With a unique set of problem solving skills, he builds solutions designed for robustness and scalability. He graduated from IIT Kharagpur, India with a Dual degree (BTech + MTech) in Computer Science and Engineering. He has worked with Supratik since 2010 on several projects leading upto incorporation.

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